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A Successful Career in Technology and Island Life are not Mutually Exclusive

Technology plays a crucial role in continued innovation across all aspects of life driven by an insatiable demand from businesses and society. It’s an exciting and dynamic area to work in and as a technology company Manx Technology Group play their part in the constant cycle of innovation and consumption which has allowed the technology sector to grow at an amazing rate over recently years.

Although our clients are spread across the globe the Isle of Man makes an ideal base for our group of technology companies. The Island has become home to a growing number of dynamic, young companies, using exciting technology on the Island, and our team enjoy all the benefits of being part of a growing cluster of like-minded technology professionals.

In contrast to the fast paced world of technology the Isle of Man offers a laid back culture in an amazing environment. In fact the Island is the first entire Island Nation in the world to be awarded a Biosphere status by UNESCO as a truly special place for people and nature, a great place to live and work.

As the development division of the Manx Technology Group, MTG Software‘s project board makes for an interesting and colourful tapestry reaching across different industries and technologies. The talented individuals that make up the team are an integral part of the tapestry, helping push innovation forward from ideas to market place.

MTG Software is looking for talented, aspiring, creative, technical individuals to join their team, including developers and designers – take a look at our careers page to find out more about a career with the Manx Technology Group.

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Joe Hughes is the CEO of Manx Technology Group. Joe has a background in software development, information security, networks, datacentres and enterprise IT.
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