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Five Benefits of Sharepoint for Small Business

Sharepoint and Office 365 are the perfect tools for Small Business. Your business will reach the point where it has outgrown your file server, the server is approaching end of life, or there is an increasing need to work remotely. Over time, staff members struggle to find documents in complex folder structures or searching for old e-mails containing attachments.

In this article – I highlight five benefits of Sharepoint for Small Businesses.

Work from anywhere

Downloading a document from Sharepoint
Accessing Office documents through a web browser

With the advent of new technologies, the use of mobiles and tablets has grown, as has the mobile workforce. People like to access their documents and business data from their mobile device, working from the airport or while at home. The majority of us want to be able to access a document and edit it from anywhere, without the need to sit in the office or use a remote access technology such as VPN.

SharePoint allows you to work from anywhere with an internet connection, from any device. You can securely login and access documents that you or other members of your team have uploaded, using Microsoft Office or a web browser.  When stored in Sharepoint, all of your office documents can be accessed from a PC, laptop, mobile or tablet, whether you have an Android, Apple or Windows device.

Secure Cloud storage 

SharePoint is in the cloud – how can it be secure?

Sharepoint has high-levels of security, Microsoft has an entire website devoted to security and compliance. You can read the details here or read our previous article about GDPR compliance with Office 365. Sharepoint itself also has a powerful and easy to use permissions system. You can setup or sync users who work for your business and grant them permissions to document libraries or folders on the Sharepoint site.

You and your team can then upload the documents you want to work on or share within your business. To access Sharepoint, your staff members need to access the URL, enter their user credentials and optionally be prompted for an additional passcode (using 2FA). Sharepoint is perfect for staff who travel or work remotely, seamlessly access Corporate data and in a highly secure manner. All edits of documents are logged, and there is a full audit history of modifications including the date/time, user and the changes made.

Collaborative Working

When working on a shared document in a team, changes can be lost and managing multiple versions becomes a nightmare. People resort to sending versions by e-mail, various emails get sent with track changes disabled, and you’re left reading five different documents – trying to work out the changes that have been made. When you open a document in Sharepoint (whether online or not), your changes will sync automatically back to the document library, with full revision history (in case you need to rollback).

Sharepoint allows multiple people to edit a document simultaneously – enhancing collaboration. Two people can work on a proposal or spreadsheet, even when located in different offices.

Conflicts and the risks of multiple edits are also managed with Sharepoint. If a conflict does occur – you are guided through a set of steps to resolve it.


SharepointSearching in SharePoint couldn’t be easier. There is a search box in the right-hand corner which searches the whole document library for the keywords of the document or file you are looking for. Sharepoint indexes the entire document library including file names, document properties and the contents of the file. Meta-data allows you to add structured data to documents, which can also be searched for within Sharepoint. Examples of meta-data could include reference numbers, customer account numbers or specific identifiers used within your business.

Included with Office 365

And the best Part. If your company uses Office 365 already (with Business Premium or an Enterprise Service), then Sharepoint is already included! Office 365 includes 1TB of storage – which is ample for the majority of small businesses.


Sharepoint is a powerful tool for small businesses, and it can revolutionise the way you can work. If you would like to learn how your small business can make greater use of Sharepoint, e-mail our solutions team sales@mtg.im, call +44 1624 777837 or submit our contact form.

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