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Fortinet Q3 Threat Landscape Report

Fortinet has released their Q3 Threat landscape report, offering expert insight into the latest attack vectors and threats. As independent research (IDC) has found Fortinet to have the largest security device footprint of any vendor, this unique vantage point provides an excellent view of the cyber-threat landscape.

Some highlights include:

  • Over 90% of malware is still delivered via e-mail, which is why there has been a significant uptake in end-user training and human defence.
  • There has been an uptake in attacks against core web infrastructure and CMS (content management systems).
  • Multiple vulnerabilities were disclosed in Wind River VxWorks, a trusted real-time operating system used in over 2 billion embedded devices.
  • Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) has become a lucrative business model, with others looking to emulate the success of GandCrab.
  • Banking trojans are now being used to introduce other malware and high-risk payloads into enterprise environments.
  • Despite the press around Bluekeep (And Eternal Blue), there is still a lot of activity suggesting many vulnerable targets still exist.

You can download the full report (as PDF) from this link.


Further information

  • Did you know that MTG offers end-user Phishing simulation and training alongside its ITaaS and SECaaS solutions? Speak to our sales team or your account manager today to find out more
  • Our managed firewall solution uses next-generation firewalls from Fortinet. If your firewall is now legacy or you would like to enhance your edge security, you should consider deploying a Fortinet firewall with SD-WAN and UTM functionality.




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