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FutureScape Highlights 2019

The IDC FutureScape identifies key trends in the IT technology adoption and sets out predictions for the next five years. You can read the latest FutureScape on IDC’s website. We picked out our three favourites, you can see the full 10 on their website:Knowledge Worker

By 2022, Over 60% of global GDP will be digitised and this will be driven by optimising operations, relationships, products and over $7 trillion in forecast IT spend. IDC also predicted that technologies such as AR/VR/AI/5G will change the way we work – something recognised by the Philippines, with their Future of Work Policies. Those economies that wish to remain competitive need to embrace digitisation, AI, automation and other disruptive technologies – not ignore them.

By 2022, Over 40% of an organisation’s cloud environments will feature edge computing and 25% of devices will utilise AI. Edge computing means running more processes on mobile devices, IoT, drones, driverless cars and wearables. To enable edge computing – high-quality network connectivity is vital. Internet of Things devices are a prime example of edge computing devices requiring ubiquitous connectivity; with sensors supporting 3G/4G/LoRAWAN/Zigbee and WIFI.~

By 2022, the top 4 cloud ‘mega platforms’ will host 80% of IaaS/PaaS deployments. This is an area where MTG has seen significant traction. We have migrated and deployed dozens of customer infrastructure environments and applications to platforms such as Azure and AWS. This doesn’t eliminate on-premise or ‘home-grown’ clouds, IDC also predicted that 90% of business will have multi-cloud or hybrid strategies. Our business now undertakes managed IT services and IT support regularly in Azure and AWS environments.


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Joe Hughes is the CEO of Manx Technology Group. Joe has a background in software development, information security, networks, datacentres and enterprise IT.

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