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Elevated Skin Temperature (Fever Detection) System – Update

This blog post discusses the latest developments with our ‘early release’ elevated skin temperature (EST) system. The original article outlined the background to the project and it detailed how the solution works. We now settled on a form-factor that works with any compatible VESA mount, opening up a range of possibilities in terms of mounting.

Based on feedback, we have also agreed on a development roadmap that includes cloud management, IP-CCTV integration and notification support (i.e. SMS, E-mail, Teams).


  • Thermal cameras are used for Fever detection systems, able to detect elevated body temperatures.
  • Fever detection systems can be costly, with systems costing upwards of £15k.
  • MTG developed a prototype system using off-the-shelf thermal imaging cameras and custom software.
  • The MTG prototypes use best practice developed during the SARS and Ebola outbreaks, also reviewing guidance under ISO/TR 13154
  • Organisations such as Amazon and Walmart screen their employee’s temperature as standard procedure.
  • CDC and similar agencies are now recommending thermal screening as part of community mitigation strategies.
  • We hope to make our system available for a monthly subscription, including hardware and software.
  • We are looking to work with organisations who wish to trial/develop the system

Solution Images

The following images show the system deployed in an office entrance lobby.

Upon entering the building, visitors use alcohol hand gel, sign the visitor book – then have their temperature checked.

If there is an anomaly, their temperature is then checked manually with an IR thermometer.

More information

To learn more, you can read the original blog post here or contact sales@mtg.im for more information

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Joe Hughes is the CEO of Manx Technology Group. Joe has a background in software development, information security, networks, datacentres and enterprise IT.

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