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How the IoT test vehicles work

We have added an interactive page to our website that explains what our IoT vans do, what they measure and the different devices that are used. We felt the vans were a great way of showcasing the technology, generating awareness and to explain the value of internet of things and sensor technology.

Click here to launch the interactive page.

Isle of Man – Technology Trials

I mentioned the Isle of Man’s suitability for technology demonstrators in our recent press release:

As a self-contained community, with status as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the Isle of Man offers unparalleled opportunities for this research which can then be applied throughout the world.

As a UK supplier of Libelium products, Manx Technology Group wanted to showcase the very best of Libelium technology. We have more tests and technology demonstrators in the pipeline.

Learn more

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Kristan McDonald is the COO of Manx Technology Group. Kristan has a strong background in software and databases. He is actively involved in several industry groups and agencies focused on economic growth, business representation and technological change.

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