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What do we audit?

Existing IT Environment

Many organisations do not have true handle on what they have. Our audit will assess your existing environment; your hardware, network, software, systems and IT architecture. We can assess your existing environment or a new acquisition/merger.

Business Strategy

The strategy of your business may have evolved, targeting new markets or restructuring your business – all of which should impact your IT setup. Share your desired strategy with MTG and we can make contextual recommendations in regards to your IT setup, making you better placed to execute your strategy going forward.

Cost Evaluation

IT budgets can grow over time and an audit is a great way of evaluating value for money, and whether the IT enviroment is aligned to the objectives of the business. Technology and markets develop constantly, which means there could be new opportunities and more cost effective, or value-creating approaches that were previously unavailable when the systems were put in.

Systems Performance Issues

Many businesses and users tolerate poor performance, frequent outages and general slowdowns. The statistics for lost productivity due to poor systems performance are significant, which is why you should be striving for the highest levels of performance and reliability within your organsiation.

We will assess the performance of your servers, desktop environment, network and internet infastructure. Improvements needn’t involve purchasing a host of new equipment – targeted configuration changes and tweaks may be an effective remedy.

Cyber Security Evaluation

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of every business owner or board member’s minds – and so it should be. Robust information security controls and systems should be woven into the fabric of any IT environment. Our audit may uncover vulnerabilities, configuration weaknesses or similar issues that should be addressed as a matter of concern.

The internet threat landscape has evolved, which will mean your IT environment should have kept pace.

The Audit Process

Initial Meeting

The objective of this meeting is to understand your desired outcome, any concerns and to gain an understanding of your business strategy. It is also important to understand the origins of your IT setup, the stakeholders and if known – the decision making process behind the IT environment. This is the forum for you to communicate any issues and also set down your wish-list going forward.

The Audit Assessment

The audit will be conducted by our technical team using a variety of tools, expertise and insight. We will follow industry best practice but will take a holistic approach to the assessment, without any pre-conceptions or technical bias. We have assessed the IT environments of countless firms and therefore we recognise there will be nuances, particular setups and decisions made, that may have lost their relevance.


Once the audit has been completed, we will arrange a meeting or screen sharing session to walk you through our findings. We will share our assessment of architecture, performance, security, risks and how aligned your IT setup is to your previously communicated objectives and strategy.

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