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Outsourced IT Helpdesk

How does your service work?

With helpdesk outsourcing, MTG can answer all of your IT support and helpdesk calls from both your own staff or your customers. We have a number of service options available, from 24x7x365 fault logging, first-line triage, troubleshooting or a full end-to-end IT support service.

Our engineers are available 24×7 and they are experienced with a wide variety of IT systems, end-user applications and server platforms.

We work in a number of different ways to support our customers. Your service can be a fully outsourced, bespoke 24×7 solution or one where we augment your existing IT or technical teams – a seamless extension to your business.

How much does it cost?

Our most popular IT Helpdesk service is an all-inclusive model. We work with you to establish the volume of calls, the activities (i.e. logging faults, first-line support) and the method of service provision. For many customers, we use our own service desk software and in other cases, we have secure access to our customers’ helpdesk or CRM system.

Once we can establish the method of working, the commercial model is based on the number of calls, hours of cover and the complexity of the service provision.

The outsourced helpdesk may range from simply logging faults or resetting passwords, to more complex IT support or network troubleshooting.

All of our customers find that our service delivers real value and the increased hours of cover increase customer and user satisfaction.


24x7 IT Support Desk
We provide first, second and third line support as required. We can integrate directly into your CRM, through a VDI into your systems or via a web-based interface. From resetting passwords to logging faults, our team will add expertise and a level of efficiency whilst reducing costs. Our IT Support Desk is an excellent choice for both SMB and enterprises alike.
Network Operation Centre (NOC)
Our platforms remotely monitor your critical systems including networks, websites, servers and applications. In the event of an alert our engineers can respond for pro-active resolution or escalate with your existing in-house teams.
Disaster Recovery
Our Disaster Recovery Service is designed for mid-size organizations and enterprises worldwide. We provide an all-in-one solution for disaster recovery, data storage, backup and replication to companies demanding exceptionally low acceptance for data loss, downtime or sub-par risk mitigation. We can design a completely tailored backup and disaster recovery plan to meet your precise needs.
Crisis Management
A timely response to a crisis is critical in maintaining your business productivity and minimising the impacts of a crisis. From illness of key staff and natural disasters to failure in IT system, a crisis can strike at any time. We can help you to put a Crisis Management Strategy in place, to mitigate the risks of losing customers or damaging your productivity and reputation.
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