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MTG become a Duo MSP partner

MTG is pleased to announce that they are now a Duo MSP Partner. Duo provides a 2FA Trusted Access solution that confirms the identity of your users and the health of their devices before allowing them to connect to your network, applications or computer systems.

Two-factor authentication strengthens access security by requiring two methods to verify their identity. Something you know, plus something you have. In the case of Windows, this could be your username/password, followed by a prompt sent to your mobile phone. The use of 2FA greatly enhances security within your organisation and to the key line of business applications used by your staff.

MTG can deploy Duo with Microsoft Windows, Office 365, Google Apps, VPN and Remote Desktop Services. Duo works with VPN technologies from Fortinet, Cisco, Palo Alto and many others. For more complex environments, the MTG software team can integrate Duo with existing in-house developed applications (desktop and web). This will retro-fit 2FA to existing platforms, enhancing security for your users.

Duo pricing starts at ~£4.50 per month, per user. Contact MTG today for more information. MTG is offering a free trial for organisations of every size.

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