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MTG now a Fujitsu Partner

Manx Technology Group (MTG) is now a Fujitsu partner, able to supply and support a full range of IT solutions to our SMB and Enterprise customers.

Fujitsu is one of the world’s top five ICT providers in the world, with over 156,000 employees, 14,000 of which are based in the UK alone. This strong UK presence is complemented by an integrated portfolio of IT consulting, technology products, managed services, integration and cloud services.

At MTG we work with a vast range of desktop, server and storage vendors. Within our technical team, Fujitsu has always been recognised as a leader, in terms of their product portfolio, product quality, value and their first-class technical support.


At MTG, we regularly review our portfolio of products and services as markets shift, technology developers and customer needs change. Following a recent evaluation, our team made a strategic decision to partner with Fujitsu for our business IT portfolio. The pedigree of Fujitsu is underlined by the fact that over half of Fortune 500 companies use Fujitsu, with the company servicing over 4m end-users worldwide.

Joe Hughes commented:

Our technical team is focused on delivering the very best IT solutions to our clients – where value, performance and reliability are key factors. From a enterprise workload and compute standpoint, our business has already pivoted towards Windows 2019 and VMWare – delivering the very latest solutions. The Fujtisu Primegy server and Eternus storage systems were selected as our products of choice for our business deployments.

With Windows 7 EOL (end of life) just round the corner – the Fujtisu Esprimo and Lifebook end-user computing devices are great value, high quality and have market leading levels of reliabilty and performance. Another key consideration for any business is that their choice of vendor can deliver rapid, Isle of Man technical support and engineering response – which is the case when it comes to Fujitsu.

Enterprise IT Solutions for Business

MTG would encourage any organisation with an incumbent IT vendor to consider alternatives – especially during hardware refreshes or periodic buying cycles.

During an evaluation, a business must consider factors such as reliability, performance, supply chain, value, support and platform compatibility – particularly with VMWare, Windows and Linux. The shift to Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10 serves as a great opportunity to sample the market and to empower your business IT.


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Joe Hughes is the CEO of Manx Technology Group. Joe has a background in software development, information security, networks, datacentres and enterprise IT.
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