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MTG join the SAIC consortium – driving innovation in aquaculture

Manx Technology Group has joined the SAIC Consortium, an initiative operated by the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC). SAIC is one of eight innovation centres in Scotland who are focused on driving economic growth and innovation in aquaculture. MTG has considerable experience in IoT and Smart Water solutions and is excited about the opportunities for collaboration,  learning, research and networking.

Innovation Centres

Scottish Aquaculture Innovation CentreSAIC (Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre) is one of eight innovation centres created by the Scottish Government. The innovation centres were created as part of an ambitious plan by the Scottish Government to accelerate technological advances and economic opportunity in Scotland.

The primary goal of the innovation centres is to help businesses large and small increase the pace of innovation while supporting the Scottish economy to flourish and prosper.

(MTG already has a fantastic relationship with CENSIS, the centre of excellent for IoT in Scotland).

About SAIC

SAIC was formed with a specific focus on innovation in the aquaculture sector.  Aquaculture is a broad term used to describe the activity of aquafarming; which may include fish, crustaceans, molluscs, aquatic plants, algae, and other organisms. The SAIC innovation programme is delivered through three key workstreams; Driving Innovation, Sharing Innovation and Nurturing Innovation – with the overall aim of adding value to the sector. IoT aquaculture solutions, without doubt, contribute towards these aims.

The SAIC Consortium

The SAIC Consortium is a dedicated network made up of organisations and groups involved in the aquaculture sector, including producers, processors, and suppliers of equipment and services – from SMEs to large, multi-national corporations. You can view the members of the consortium here, on the SAIC website.

Aquaculture in Scotland

Aquaculture is an integral part of the Scottish economy. Scotland is currently the largest producer of Salmon in the EU and the third-largest globally. Shellfish production is dominated by blue mussels, followed by pacific oysters, native oysters and scallops. Seawood is also an emerging area of interest, with several cultivation sites focused on human consumption, animal feed, fertilisers and nutraceuticals.

The Scottish Government recognises the food and drink sector as a critical candidate for sustainable economic growth, with a strategy incorporated into the Scottish National Marine Plan (NMP).

Lessons for the Isle of Man

Partnerships, collaboration and innovation, will inevitably lead to exciting opportunities for all involved. Collaboration is no longer just a strategy, but key if an organisation or country wishes to grow and prosper. MTG will use our experience, expertise and networks gained in both Scotland and the Isle of Man to benefit both locations.

IoT in Aquaculture

Globally, aquaculture is estimated to supply over 50% of the world’s seafood produced for human consumption. So it is not surprising that technology solutions such as IoT are playing a part in supporting this growth. IoT has applications in environmental monitoring, fish counting, optimising and automating production.

Examples of IoT Smart Water solutions:

The sensors and equipment only represent one aspect of IoT; fascinating opportunities exist in areas such as AI, machine learning, predictive analytics and computer vision.

Find out more

Manx Technology Group has offices in Forres, Moray and the Isle of Man. To learn more about MTG and our range of IoT solutions, visit our IoT pages, e-mail sales@mtg.im or call +44 1624 777837.  To learn more about SAIC, you can view their website https://www.scottishaquaculture.com

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Joe Hughes is the CEO of Manx Technology Group. Joe has a background in software development, information security, networks, datacentres and enterprise IT.

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