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Manx Technology Group provides a complete range of IT support services to Manx businesses.  Our team of professional engineers and helpdesk staff ensure all of your IT requirements are met and that your systems remain secure, reliable and available when you need them.

We have considerable experience providing IT support to organisations throughout the Island; supporting home offices, SMB and Enterprise clients.

ServiceCare - IT Maintenance

ServiceCare is our IT maintenance service, where MTG delivers telephone and e-mail support, and where necessary – on-site support. ServiceCare delivers a 4-hour or 8-hour response, and can be extended to cover 24x7x365. Our helpdesk is manned 24x7x365 and is therefore able to log faults, offer guidance and resolve problems – all year round.

ServiceCare provides support for desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, networks and wireless. We also liaise with all of your key suppliers including ISP, telecoms and software providers – ensuring a consistent service at all times.

Information Security

For comprehensive security services, MTG provides its Security as a Service solution – which provides a complete cybersecurity solution for businesses. For those businesses who favour a monthly subscription for IT services, consider our ITaaS (IT-as-a-Service) solution. This service, charged per user, can include IT support, cybersecurity protection and your hardware and software – for a fixed monthly fee.

Field Services & Third Party Maintenance

MTG act as the service partner for several market leading hardware vendors and bluechip companies who require a partner to undertake maintenance and support on the Isle of Man. MTG can supply engineer resourcing, stores for spares and break-fix resource.

When working with our partners, we represent your organisation in a professional, courteous and confidential manner – ensuring your SLA and customer sentiment is maintained at all times.

Service Offering

We provide warranty repairs, break-fix, remote-hands, secure stocking of spares, firmware upgrades and specific project work. Our field-services team work with desktops, laptops, servers, SANs, network devices, EPOS, cash-machines and a variety of other hardware platforms.

Isle of Man Computer Maintenance

The Manx Technology Group IT services portfolio includes IT support and Isle of Man computer maintenance services for business. Our hardware engineers maintain systems for all the leading hardware vendors and undertake warranty work for market leading firms.

Out of warranty repairs are also catered for, Manx Technology Group stock a large pool of replacement components and drives to ensure legacy servers continue to run, beyond their warranty support lifecycle.

The Difference

Manx Technology Group is one of the most established Manx IT companies are we are proud of the service that we deliver to our clients. While the needs of a small business may be very different to a large enterprise, the truth is both companies want reliable, trusted, excellent value and professional IT services.

If your business is looking to change supplier, considering an IT refresh or wants to explore new ways of IT service delivery on the Isle of Man – please contact MTG. We can perform a free IT Audit – which will assess your existing IT environment.

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