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What is a Managed Firewall?

With a managed firewall, we take responsibility for the configuration, monitoring and support of the firewall in your IT environment. Our team of NOC engineers look after the initial setup, the firewall security policy, VPNs, remote access, web filtering and application control. As part of the maintenance contract, our systems will automatically backup the firewall configuration and continually try to identify threats and security events.

Technical support and monitoring is provided on a 24x7x365 basis, providing you with access to our helpdesk at all times.

Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) will increase the level of security within your business and our management service enhances the level of protection offered.

Small Business Firewall

A significant amount of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses which is why many businesses choose a next generation firewall instead of a small business router. With features such as antivirus and intrusion prevention systems, a small business firewall from MTG offers that extra level of protection.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise firewall solutions can be used for perimeter security or deployed within the organisation as an internal firewall. With multi-gigabit wirespeed performance, active directory support and the ability to identify and block threats – Fortinet firewalls are the perfect choice for the enterprise.

Multi-Site Solutions

If your business has multiple sites or branch offices, we can manage your firewall estate in a coordinated manner. With our centralised management platform and SIEM, we can provide full mesh VPN solutions, policy management, reporting and incident response for your whole network.

Our engineers can also integrate VPN solutions with existing WAN environments or they can be used to replace expensive private-line/MPLS services.

Technical Specification

  • Control access to websites and website categories (e.g. business, news, sports, social media)
  • Implement time-of-day policies (e.g. Lunchtimes, after 17:00)
  • Integrate into Active Directory, applying policies to specific users or user groups.
  • Enforce Google SafeSearch
  • Block or control access to Cloud services (e.g. Dropbox, Box)
  • Detailed web access reports (by user, group, website)
  • Full SSL Inspection support
  • Transparent solution (or explicit proxy support)
  • Firewall cluster (Active:Active, Active:Passive)
  • Sub-Second failover and session state persistence
  • Link-loss detection ensures if an upstream/downstream router or switch fails, the cluster can trigger a failover
  • Two  or more devices can be combined into a cluster
  • Clustering is available across all device models
  • In-Service software upgrades
  • Dynamic routing (OSPF/BGP/RIP)
  • Load-Balancing and ECMP
  • 802.1Q VLAN and Layer2 switching support
  • Rich traffic/shaping QOS support
  • Dynamic routing over VPN (e.g. OSPF)
  • Detect and block network borne attacks
  • Protect mail, web and remote-access servers from attacks (IIS, Exchange, Citrix)
  • Protect staff and internal systems from application level attacks (e.g. Office, Adobe Acrobat)
  • Common web platform protection (e.g. .NET, PHP, WordPress, CRM)
  • Customisable rule-set and signatures
  • SSL and IPSec VPN support
  • Web-Portal and full VPN client application
  • Site-to-Site IPSec VPN (with Dynamic Routing)
  • RADIUS/Active-Directory integration
  • Granular network access policies
  • Two-Factor authentication support (e.g. Secure Token)
  • High performance VPN concentrator solution
  • Control and monitor cloud application usage (e.g. Dropbox, Box, Google Apps)
  • Full network visibility of HTTP and HTTPS traffic
  • Control access to specific applications (e.g. Web Games, Video Streaming)
  • Block access to malicious content or websites
  • Detailed reporting and network visibility
  • Deep-inspection of traffic for granular reporting

Key Features

Firewall Policy Migration
MTG can migrate your existing legacy firewall platform to a modern, next-generation UTM solution. Our security engineers follow a process that ensures your existing security policy is ported to a new firewall platform. We have experience migrating to the Fortinet solution from Cisco ASA, Juniper SRX, Juniper SSG/NetScreen, Watchguard, StoneGate and many other vendors.
Network Visibility
A firewall is worthless without regular reporting and network insight. How would you know what threats your business is exposed to without reports? What services are staff accessing over the internet? Real-time network visibility allows you to view the type of applications using your network, identify and respond to internet attacks, produce web access reports and provide an executive report summarising activity.
Firewall Policy Review/Audit
Implementing a new perimeter security solution into your business environment presents the perfect opportunity to review your existing firewall security policy. MTG can conduct a review of your existing firewall security policy and make recommendations to improve your level of security. The new policy can reflect changes within the business, new business units and retired services.
High Availability (Clustered Firewalls)
Our firewall devices can be combined into a high availability cluster. A cluster provides the highest levels of uptime and it ensures your systems will remain online in the event of a firewall failure, network device failure or during periods of routine firewall maintenance. Load-balancers can be deployed alongside clusters for load-sharing and application-level failover.
Unified Threat Management
Our firewalls have a rich UTM feature set that includes network firewalling, gateway antivirus, intrusion prevention, VPN, content-filtering and data leakage prevention (DLP). A key benefit of a UTM solution when compared to multiple systems is ease of management, the tight integration between components and the level of visibility it provides.
Web Content Filtering and Application Control
The internet is a key part of every business and the majority of companies will permit their staff to use the internet as part of their job role. The challenge with access to the internet is it can expose your business to computer viruses and malware, not forgetting the potential drop in staff productivity. A UTM firewall enables you to monitor and control internet access with web content filtering.

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