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The future as predicted by Five Top Venture Capitalists.

Forbes covered the 17th annual Top 10 Tech Trends dinner in San Jose. The event seen the coming together of leading technologists and venture capitalists, all there to predict the future!

Some of the technological visions include:

  1. On-demand ambient computing. Shervin Pishevar of Sherpa Ventures. “What you’ll see is services that will be able to predict what you want before you even express it”
  2. Traditional banks will keep losing share to startups while bitcoin fades. Rebecca Lynn of Canvas Investment Fund. “banks are inefficient and not so great at serving customers, and it’s better done by fast, nimble startups.”
  3. The Virtual Me. Jenny Lee of GGV Capital. Wearables, hardware and sensors – the connected human.
  4. The Skynet economy. Steve Jurvetson of DFJ. Low altitude satellites, 16GB/s broadband and ubiquitous connectivity.
  5. The end of the auto nation. Bill Gurley of Benchmark. “We may have hit what’s called peak car. Kids aren’t showing up on their 16th birthday to get a driver’s license. The smartphone is more of a social status than a car is.”
  6. The Fifth mode of transportation. “Technologies such as the hyperloop and massive drones that can land and take off on water will transform the transportation of people and things, said Pishevar, who has invested in Hyperloop Technologies Inc.”
  7. The reemergence of women in tech.  “In the next 5 years, half of computer science students will become women, which will lead to more female founders and CEOs.”
  8. The economy of me. By 2020, commerce and services will fundamentally shift to being online and global. In the next five years, the number of people on the mobile internet will double, forming the “personal economy.” Brick and motor will be obsolete.
  9. The rise of robocars. “For those of us who have a chance to be in one, you’ll never go back. I believe they are already safer than my parents.” Initially they will run at speeds of 25 mph or less in urban settings”
  10. The native mobile application platform will continue to dominate the mobile Web. “Gurley said smartphones will be the remote control of our life. “The browser and search are kind of like a platform, and that platform is finally maturing”



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