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What is new in VSphere 6.0?


We have been busy recently upgrading a number of our customers to VSphere 6.0. Nearly every one of our customers uses virtualisation and VMWare for their core IT infrastructure requirements. The benefits of virtualisation are well understood and the ease of DR is a key driver. VMWare’s latest version improves on its predecessors, keeping apace with the latest trends in IT, storage and compute.

The key enhancements and changes are highlighted below:


  • Scalability. Hosts now support 480 CPU cores, 12TB RAM and 1024 VMs per host.
  • Support. The HCL has been extended to include a number of other chipsets, drivers, devices and OS.
  • Graphics. Native NVIDIA GPU support provides hardware-accelerated graphics.
  • Instant Clone. Technology that allows you to copy VMs up to 10x faster than before.


  • Control/Traffic-Shaping. You can now provision per-VM bandwidth reservations to control bandwidth and apply limis.
  • Multicast Snooping. For environments that use IGMP, snooping (and MLD for IPv6) provides greater performance and scale.
  • VMotion IP Stack. VMotion now has its own IP-Stack/Instance, enabling separate IP address and gateway management.

High Availability

  • VMotion. You can now VMotion guests between hosts even with 100MS Latency between sites. This allows inter-continental VMotion moves.
  • Replication Assisted VMotion. Customers who use active:active replication can now leverage this to VMotion guests with up to 95% savings on efficiency.
  • Fault-Tolerance. Now allows 4 x vCPU,  a significant improvemnet.


  • Content-Library. A central repository to store you templates, ISO, scripts and VMs. This can be distributed using a publish/subscribe model.
  • Cross-VCenter Clone/Migration. Copy and move guests between different VCenter servers.
  • UI. Web client improvmeents.

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about VSphere6, speak to MTG or refer to the VMWare website.



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Joe Hughes is the CEO of Manx Technology Group. Joe has a background in software development, information security, networks, datacentres and enterprise IT.
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