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Custom Software ApplicationBespoke software and custom applications that are aligned to your business will deliver value, competitive advantage and a genuine ROI. The goal of bespoke software or mobile apps is to create operational efficiency, reduce cost, improve retention and drive up revenue. In addition to developing your custom software, our IT support team are on-hand 24×7 to support your business.

We design, develop and support a range of bespoke of applications for business. Bespoke software is an excellent tool to deliver competitive advantage. Our teams also provide a range of bespoke application support services.


Automation can automate mundane or time-consuming tasks, freeing your staff up to do more productive work. Complex manual processes or workflows can be analysed and automated through the use of software and digital workflows. We have successfully introduced automation into financial services, customer services, marketing, billing and provisioning environments. Automation is particularly powerful when automating across systems and business units, whether on-premise or using cloud or SaaS environments.

Desktop Applications

Web Development

Systems Integration

Legacy Systems


Integration links together multiple business systems and simplifies workflows. With a single pane of glass view, an integrated system can provide a comprehensive view of data or processes, and it can make complex, multi-system processes seamless. Using bespoke applications, APIs, cloud services and databases, our team can integrate systems in a seamless manner.


With a growing mobile workforce, more and more businesses need to embrace mobilisation but they struggle to mobilise their data and processes. We can develop or extend applications to make them mobile ready, whether through the use of apps or mobile websites.

Supported Languages

  • C# / VB.Net
  • Microsoft SQL Server / MySQL / PostGreSQL
  • MongoDB / Redis
  • Node.js / Angular / React.js / Bootstrap / Javascript
  • PowerFlex / DataFlex / Progress4GL
  • VoiceXML / IoT / CoAPP / MQTT

Bespoke Application Support

Do you have a bespoke application that needs supported? We will be able to help you..

We can adapt your application and source-code, share documentation, make amendments and if required, provide technical support and maintenance going forward.

Desktop software development

MTG has created a wide range of desktop software for clients in a wide range of industries including line of business applications, reporting solutions and monitoring tools. We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their requirements and expected outcome – to ensure we maximise the value for their business.

Web Development

Web application development is a core strength of MTG. Our development team has produced a diverse range of applications, using a broad range of technologies including .NET, MVC, PHP and Node.js. Alongside the languages and development methodologies, our team specialise in the design and development of highly scalable cloud based applications built in Amazon AWS or Google Cloud.

Systems Integration

Automation and enhanced operational efficiencies can be achieved through the tight integration of disparate software systems. A bespoke software application can use technologies such as APIs and web services allowing us to tie-together workflows and processes across systems boundaries. Systems integration can also ease reporting, providing a unified view of your data-sets, rather than producing individual reports from separate systems.

Bespoke Application Support & Legacy Software Maintenance

If your business already has bespoke software, there is a chance that it has fallen out of support or you are no longer in touch with the original developers. In these instances, we will be able to assist. Provided you have access to the source code or database, our team of developers will be able to understand how it works, make amendments and support the bespoke software going forward.

Applications to drive your business

Our skilled business analysts, developers and designers work alongside you to understand the needs of your business and build apps that integrate with your daily operations. This extends to databases, reporting; desktop, mobile and web apps.

Native App Development

A native app is a smartphone application developed specifically for a mobile operating system on a particular platform or device. The Apps can interact with and take advantage of operating system features and other software on the platform.

Hybrid App Development

A hybrid application (hybrid app) is one that combines elements of both native and Web applications. Whereas native applications are developed for a specific platform and installed on a computing device, web applications are accessed through a web browser. These apps are quicker to produce and better value than native apps.

iOS and Android Apps

MTG’s development teams are experienced in developing bespoke apps for both iOS and Android platforms, with the expertise to develop apps capable of coping with the multiple versions of Android devices.

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