Libelium WaspMote

Libelium Waspmote is a sensor device platform specially oriented to systems integrators and developers.The device family supports a wide range of sensor technologies, expansion boards and communications protocol. The codebase is extensive, well documented and has proven reliability and stability in the field.

Systems Integrators and IoT solution developers

With ultra-low power consumption, extremely high levels of reliability and an extensive development community; Waspmote is an ideal for solution for those organisations who are looking to develop their own IoT solution – without the associated cost and overhead of developing devices and software from scratch.

Accelerate time to market

Waspmote solutions can be customised to your needs, incorporated into your housing or environment – and the code stack developed with your application in mind. Waspmote will accelerate time to market and by using a device from Libelium,  it means you benefit from their extensive certification, testing, software updates and sensor compatability.


The devices support different communication protocols (ZigBee, Bluetooth, 3G/GPRS) and frequencies (2.4GHz, 868MHz, 900MHz) – perfect for a solution targeting a global market where regulations can vary by country. Communication links of up to 12KM can be established using different protocols (i.e. LoRa), or far higher using technologies such as 3G/4G.

Power Consumption

The power consumption during hibernation is a tiny 0.7uA which means a long-life life, even under battery. With More than 50 sensors already available and a completely open source IDE (API libraries + compiler), the system is highly accessible and easy to implement.

Libelium - Waspmote

RF/Radio/Network Support

  • WIFI (2.4GHz/5.8GHz)
  • Bluetooth/BLE
  • Zigbee
  • 802.15.4/LoRaWAN/Sigfox/LoRa
  • 4G / 3G / GPRS
  • GPS

Libelium UK/Ireland Distributor

MTG is a Libelium UK Distributor so we can offer pre-sales advice and also design, supply, implement and support IoT solutions. We can supply Meshlium, Waspmote and Plug-and-Sense products from Libelium. Our technical and dev teams can also offer advice on networking, RF comms, IT Support, software development and cloud platforms.

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