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Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) can measure all aspects of your business leading to high levels of efficiencies, enhanced operating models and a granular view of operations. Manx Technology Group provides a range of IoT sensors, products and cloud platforms.

IoT Products & Solutions

Libelium IoT Products

Full range of IoT sensors, communication gateways and cloud services from Libelium. Meshlium, Waspnote and Plug&Sense feature over 150 sensor types and support a range of communication protocols.

IoT Van

IoT Test Vehicle

Our IoT test vehicle is a mobile IoT technology demonstrator, measuring air quality, pollutants, RF scanning and particulate matter. 4G/LoRA/Zigbee and GPS technology.

Industry Solutions

IoT solutions and the insights they provide will deliver value across a range of sectors. Popular industries that considerably benefit from IoT include Agriculture, Transportation, Retail and Utilities.

IoT Case Studies

Read about how IoT solutions have been deployed in business and local communities. Examples include ontrolling water quality in fish farms and measuring air pollution in local parks and playgrounds.

Libelium - Powering the IoT Revolution

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