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IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions, Devices and Sensors

Full range of IoT sensors, gateways and cloud services. 150+ sensors and applications for environmental monitoring, retail, cities, agriculture, farming, fishing, water, noise and smart parking. Complete IoT solutions: Pre-Sales, design, development and implementation services.

Industry Solutions

IoT solutions for a range of industries including agriculture, marine, utilities, farming, councils and smart cities. Speak to our team about your challenge and we will find a solution using IoT, software and networks. We work with systems integrators and end-users.

IoT Knowledge Centre

Learn how our IoT solutions can solve problems with air quality, utilities, people counting, agriculture and farming. Our knowledge centre provides real-world examples and discusses the science behind the sensors.

IoT Case Studies

Our case studies provide examples of IoT deployments and describe how the technology has brought benefits, solved a particular problem or delivered value to the customer.

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Learn  more about our range of managed IT and IoT solutions for business. Smart Water, Environment, Cities and Agriculture. People Counting and Smart Phone Detection - with IoT solutions for systems integrators and end-users. ITaaS, Cloud and Managed Security.

IoT Insights and Blog Posts

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