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IoT Product Range

Libelium IoT Solutions

MTG is a distributor of Libelium products for the UK and Ireland – we can provide pre-sales advice, pricing, design, implementation and project support. We work with systems integrators, telecoms providers, end-users and technical consultants. Contact our sales team with your requirements.

Libelium Smart Water

Libelium Plug & Sense

Rapid time to market, flexible configurations, 150 sensors, 4G/LoRa/Zigbee communications, extra-long battery life. The premier IoT sensor platform.

Libelium Meshlium

Libelium Meshlium

Powerful IoT gateway and cloud bridge. Connect your IoT sensor networks to the cloud or your back office systems. With WIFI and Bluetooth device scanning capabilities.

Libelium - Waspmote

Libelium Waspmote

Modular IoT device, sensor and comms platform. Ideal for systems integrators who want powerful, proven hardware – without the hassle or expense of custom build.

IoT Insights and Blog Posts

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