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High accuracy people counting with advanced analytics capability. Accurately count people, group-sizes, height, and the time spent in a given location.  Simply deployment, valuable insights. The combination of Xovis 3D Sensors and analytics applications bridges the gap between conventional people counting and comprehensive people analytics. The Xovis PC-Series is the most complete portfolio of 3D Sensors on the market; it solves every people counting and tracking challenge with unmatched precision.

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Unmatched Accuracy

The Xovis PC-Series sensor models can be installed at heights ranging from 2.2m to 20m (7.5ft to 65.62ft), with a coverage area of up to 100m2 (1,080ft2) per sensor. Once installed, the sensors boast a counting accuracy of >99%, providing precise insights. People are individually recognised and continuously tracked, even if they are standing shoulder to shoulder.

Robust Operation

The Xovis 3D sensors are highly robust and resistant to all kinds of external influences including weather, shadows and heat emission. The sensors can manage changes in light and only 2 lux is required for successful operation. The units can store data for up to 120 days in the event of a communications outage or where remote operation is required.

Plug-and-Play & Ease of use

All Xovis sensors have an integrated setup wizard and an intuitive web interface that allows easy and fast initial setup. The configuration, including counting lines and dwell zones can be completed via the web interface The onboard web interface allows a level of basic analysis, visualisation functions and heatmaps without the need for custom software.

Easy roll out and configuration

Xovis goes the extra mile to optimise the customer user experience. In addition to the onboard functionality; various features and services enable a convenient roll-out and configuration. The sensors can be ordered pre-configured and mounting accessories to fit a multitude of infrastructures are available. This pre-configuration service accelerates deployment and reduces the amount of resource required during installation.

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Easy Integration

Extensibility and integration is supported through the powerful API features of the Xovis systems. The XML-based interface allows data to be easily integrated into third-party software systems using the API or data push features. The Xovis system offers valuable insights on conversion rates, trends and other KPIs. MTG can develop custom dashboards and reports that help visualise and maximise the value of the data created by the sensors.

Real Time

Since data processing takes place on the sensor itself, no additional data hosting or application servers are required. The data processing occurs in real time and only the relevant data is transmitted to your application servers. There is no requirement for third party image processing or analytical services, with advanced AI and edge-compute, the data is sent in a structured manner to your systems.

Xovis Privacy

Data Privacy and Security

Data privacy and GDPR are key considerations for any organisation undertaking people counting. With Xovis, the image processing takes place directly on the sensor and  no video stream leaves the sensor or is stored – ensuring compliance. The Xovis sensors also include a setting that enables you to configure the level of privacy, even during configuration and installation times. For added security, the system supports SSL, secure application and password protection.

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Outdoor People Counting

The Xovis PC-Series includes sensor models that cater to customers with both indoor and outdoor areas. The Xovis PC2R Outdoor and the PC3 Outdoor combine the benefits of the standard Xovis 3D Sensors but with support for outdoor environments. Sensors can be installed on buildings, street lights or other structures – enabling you to develop insights on the highstreet, events or similar outdoor environments.

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Indoor Applications

Xovis sensors are perfect for indoor environments such as retail, transportation, tourist attractions and public buildings. The sensors can be installed on ceilings and other internal fittings – at heights from 2.2m to 20m. The sensors utilise power over ethernet (PoE) and including all the fixing brackets for a successful installation. Once installed, you will benefit from real-time, accurate data that will reveeal invaluable trends and insights relating to people counts, groups, paths and analytics.

Reports, Dashboards and Insights

Queue analytics

Metrics such as average and projected waiting time, queue quitters or the current number of people in the queue are available for analysis or to trigger measures such as the opening of additional counters. Xovis queue detection algorithms are capable of dynamically tracking the changing shapes of undefined queues.

Dwell time and fill level

Count zones allow measurement of dwell times and fill levels within different parts of the store. In addition to highlighting hot and cold spots, data related to dwell time and fill level is a useful tool in staff planning and optimization of other operational processes.

High accuracy counting

The Xovis 3D Sensors deliver live footfall counting data with the highest accuracy on the market. As a result, retailers learn their customer frequencies throughout the day and understand the effect of promotional activities and seasonal variations. Precise footfall counting sheds light on conversion rates and other crucial KPIs.

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3D Technology and AI

Xovis 3D Sensors feature a counting accuracy of 99%, exceeding the performance of other technologies and setting new industry standards. The introduction of AI-based algorithms further improves the accuracy and flexibility of people counting and tracking. Embrace progress and prepare your people analytics system with the AI-generation of Xovis sensors; for example, for large, open-plan people flow monitoring with the unique Xovis Multi-sensor. Instead of working with a predefined set of detection rules, AI-powered Xovis 3D Sensors consistently improve the ability to recognise patterns, taking tracking solutions to the next level.

Example Deployments

  • Retail – Shop entrances, display stands or entre floor-areas. People counts, customer journey and dwell-time. Queue-sizes.
  • Tourism – Visitor attractions, entrances/exits, group-size, heights, gender, queue sizes, time of day.
  • Transportation – Queues, bus stations, railway stations, ferry terminals.
  • High Street – Footfall counting on the high street, group sizes, heights, gender.
  • Public Buildings – Queues, people counting.

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