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We supply IoT solutions for an extensive range of sectors. The Libelium platform features over 150 sensors types with applications ranging from Smart Cities, Smart Agriculture to Public Safety. No industry is untouched by the advent of IoT and sensor-technologies.

Internet of Things underpins the digital reinvention of industry, where organisations are using IoT technologies to transform how they work. With advanced IoT sensors and communication networks, companies can streamline business operations and optimise decision making.

Smart Cities

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Precision Farming

Smart Agriculture

Agricultural IoT projects can reduce the overall environmental impact of farming, increase yields and reduce your expenditure. We can provide solutions that facilitate Smart Irrigation, Precision Farming, Soil Moisture, Plant Monitoring, Livestock Tracking and Agricultural processing.

Soil Temperature, Oxygen & Moisture Levels, Leaf Wetness, Leaf and Flower Bud Temperature, Ultraviolet and Solar Radiation, Wind and Precipitation, Trunk Diameter, Stem Diameter, Fruit Diameter, Anemometer, Wind Vane, Pluviometer.

Whisky & Scotch Distilleries

IoT technology can greatly benefit the operations, productivity and environmental compliance of Whisky distilleries. Monitoring the temperature and humidity of warehouses, the quality of the water supply, effluent (pH, Temperature, CoD, BoD) and other end-to-end indicators during the production process. MTG can implement the IoT sensor technology, integrate with production systems and provide reports/dashboards to operational staff. For visitor centres, we can also measure the number of visitors.

Air temperature, humidity and pressure. Water pH, temperature, flow-rate, coliforms, ORP/Dissolved oxygen. Effluent pH, temperature, CoD/BoD, flow-rate. Visitor centre visitor numbers, and group-sizes.

Poultry IoT

Poultry Farming

IoT technology can measure key environmental indicators such as CO2, Ammonia (NH3), noise, light, temperature and humidity in Poultry Houses – ensuring optimal environmental conditions. CO2, temperature and ammonia control in poultry houses is a key factor in environmental management. Fresh air ventilation, particularly in winter can prove challenging with the need to find a balance between fresh air, temperature, heating, ammonia and CO2 levels.  Plug & Sense can monitor these levels and enhance decision making.

Temperature, humidity, dust and particulates, CO2, Ammonia NH3, noise and light.

Smart Water

With a network of IoT sensors, you can measure environmental indicators which can be used for data analysis and reporting.  Water sensors can monitor the concentration of ions, water conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH levels and turbidity. There is a vast range of sensors to monitor water chemicals and ions – which can be applied to a variety of applications in drinking water, leisure facilities and wastewater.

Ammonium (NH4+), Bromide (Br-), Calcium (Ca2+), Chloride (Cl-), Cupric (Cu2+), Fluoride (F-), Iodide (I-), Lithium (Li+), Magnesium (Mg2+), Nitrate (NO3-), Nitrite (NO2-), Perchlorate (ClO4-), Potassium (K+), Silver (Ag+), Sodium(Na+) and pH. Turbidity, Water Flow, Water Levels, Liquid Presence, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Temperature.
Chlorophyll, Phycocyanin, Blue-Green Algae (BGA, also known as cyanobacteria) and organic matter (CDOM and FDOM).

Air Quality Monitoring

Our range of sensors can monitor air quality, radiation, particle matter and water quality. A vast range of air and gas sensors can monitor pollutants, gases and be used to measure your regional air quality index (AQI).

Carbon Monoxide – CO, Carbon Dioxide – CO2, Molecular Oxygen – O2, Ozone – O3, Nitric Oxide – NO, Nitric Dioxide – NO2, Sulfur Dioxide – SO2, Ammonia – NH3, Methane – CH4 – and other combustible gases, Hydrogen Sulfide – H2S, Particle Matter (PM1 / PM2.5 / PM10) – Dust Sensor

Smart Parking

The intelligent reporting of car park and parking space occupancy will greatly reduce pollution, congestion and increase driver satisfaction. For local councils, Smart Parking and real-time parking alerts can also greatly enhance enforcement – ensuring a regular rotation of shoppers/visitors in a given area. Enforcement officers and wardens can be directed towards the specific violation in question, rather than patrolling entire areas.

Smart Parking sensors have specific applications with EV (Electric vehicle) and disabled parking spaces – where there is a greater need for compliance. Local authorities and councils will gain valuable insights into parking habits – which can help influence policies in regards to tourism and the high street – which is challenged by online commerce. MTG supply and install Libelium Smart Parking sensors, communication networks and cloud platforms – that can enable the rapid implementation of Smart Parking applications.

Smart Parking Sensors (Radar), Meshlium Gateways, LoRaWAN and Cloud Platforms.

Smart Marinas

Sensor devices such as the Libelium Plug & Sense can be utilised in marine and harbour settings to generate efficiencies, new sources of revenue and provide benefits to yachters, skippers and port administrators. The use of IoT sensors and online platforms enables the introduction of navigational and docking assistance, e-booking systems and monitoring dashboards. The use of IoT technologies can modernise the operation of marinas in addition to monitoring sea water levels and weather conditions.

Ultrasound and presence sensors, liquid levels, smart water sensors, weather stations, noise & particle sensors.

Smart Device Detection

Use the Libelium Meshlium Scanner to develop business insights and optimise transportation strategies through the measurement of traffic volumes, vehicle occupancy rates and traffic flow characteristics. The majority of cars and passengers feature Bluetooth or WIFI devices that can serve as a rich source of data when undertaking research into traffic trends.

In the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors; smartphone detection can be used to count visitor numbers, movements and similar metrics. Meshlium scanners enable you to identify and measure smartphone devices through the use of WIFI and Bluetooth technologies.

WIFI (2.4GHz/5.8GHz) and Bluetooth scanning sensors.

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