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MTG join the SAIC consortium – driving innovation in aquaculture

Manx Technology Group has joined the SAIC Consortium, an initiative operated by the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC). SAIC is one of eight innovation centres in Scotland who are focused on driving economic growth and innovation in aquaculture. MTG has considerable experience in IoT and Smart Water solutions and is excited about the opportunities for collaboration,  learning, research and networking.

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Link your business phone system to Microsoft Teams

Extend your business phone system into Microsoft Teams with Manx Technology Group. A converged system allows you to extend the use of your phone system outside of your office and into your Microsoft Teams environment. Staff who are using Teams desktop, web or the mobile app – can make and receive phone calls as if they were in the office. Calls arriving to your business PBX can be routed to Teams users.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Policy

With the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak now developing in the UK, Manx Technology Group is closely following information and advice from the Isle of Man Government, UK Government, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and CDC.

MTG has developed plans that ensure any impact on our service provision is minimised or mitigated. Read more

Six reasons to use Yammer in your business

We look at a number of reasons why you should be using Yammer in your business. Yammer is an application included in Office 365. While many organisations may be using Office, Exchange E-mail and Sharepoint, we look at how  Yammer can be used in your organisation.

What is Yammer?

Yammer is often described as Facebook for business, a social network platform for business. It allows staff to share information, post updates and interact with one another. 85% of Fortune 500 companies use Yammer, we take a look at some reasons your organisations should consider using it.

Six Benefits

1 – Increase engagement

Yammer makes it easy to post updates, generate interest and increase engagement in your company. Staff members can post updates, polls, events and announcements; to which their colleagues can like, vote and comment. In any size business, improving dialogue and communication in any business can lead to greater employee engagement (which can contribute to a positive corporate culture).

2 – Reduce e-mail noise

“Happy birthday”, “Cakes in the kitchen” and associated e-mail banter. It can clog up your inbox, or it may be completely suppressed through IT and HR policies. Yammer offers a solution. Updates and announcements posted on Yammer reduce clutter. Staff members know to view Yammer for updates and announcements.

3 – Enhance culture and build connections

Improving engagement, giving employees freedom and promoting communications in the business all has a positive impact on corporate culture. Yammer also acts as a conduit for messaging and updates that define and reinforce your company culture. Developing culture is one reason many organisations adopt Yammer, and for good reason.

4 – Web and mobile apps

Yammer can be accessed through your web browser (many organisations set it as the home page), while it also has an easy-to-use mobile application. The mobile app keeps employees, groups and teams connected no matter where they are.

5 – Governance and security

As Yammer is part of the Microsoft 365 suite of products, it sits within the security and governance framework provided as part of O365. Organisations can be confident in the knowledge that security, auditing and privacy extends to Yammer – allowing them to remain compliant.

6 – Gifs, Emojis and Memes

Did mention that Yammer has built-in support for Gifs, and naturally, Yammer serves as a focal point for memes and emojis.  These features allow you to bring some fun to Yammer.

Yammer implementation and adoption

Microsoft has an excellent resource that outlines Use Cases, Communities, Innovation and Adoption strategies for organisations considering Yammer.

Download Yammer Infographic

The following infographic entitled What can you learn with Yammer? is an excellent primer that describes what you can do with Yammer.

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If your organisation already has Office 365 or is looking to deploy Office 365 and Yammer is of interest – speak to our solutions team to learn more. You can reach them by e-mailing sales@mtg.im, calling +44 1624 777837 or clicking ‘Request a Quote’ on our website.

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