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How to deploy an Internal Segmentation Firewall (ISFW)

In previous articles, we have explained the benefits of internal network firewalls, also known as internal segmentation firewalls. The primary purpose is to secure internal network traffic, particularly between sites, functional areas or departments. Another common use is to provide an additional level of protection for sensitive areas of your network (i.e. databases, R&D) or high-risk areas (i.e. development environments, staging areas). Read more

Outsourced IT Helpdesk – Integration

When an organisation is considering outsourcing or augmenting its IT support function, the management will need to consider how any arrangement could effect the business. Common considerations include the impact on business processes, response times, the user experience, privacy, security and familiarity, when it comes to the nuances of the company or industry.  Outsourcing needn’t mean a loss of control or a reduction in service, in many cases – there is a considerable upturn in user satisfaction, response times and service. Read more

GDPR Compliance – Cloud App Discovery

GDPR poses many challenges – not least because the penalties are high! In amongst all the discussion and the rush for compliance, many businesses are not really focusing on the use of Cloud Applications. Cloud apps undoubtedly deliver real benefit to business, whether that is Office 365, Dropbox, Quickbooks etc. In many cases, using trusted cloud apps can actually aide compliance.

A key challenge for many organisations is the unknown unknowns. What Cloud Apps are being used by their staff and business – that they do not know about. This type of unapproved cloud usage is often described as Shadow IT. Apps that bypass IT, bypass procurement and often bypass the business. A CRM used by a key sales guy. Someone throwing files into Box to work from home. Someone else installing an app that accesses their contacts. The challenges are endless (which is a common theme with GDPR). Read more

Cisco Umbrella – Protected, in as little as 15 minutes

We have seen a significant uptake of Cisco Umbrella, primarily because businesses are recognising the risks and prevalence of malware, viruses and ransomware – the recent press is evidence to that. We wrote a brief article about how to defend against Wanna Cry – Umbrella is part of our advice. For small businesses, Cisco Umbrella is a fantastic and relatively inexpensive service that provides a great level of protection. For larger enterprises with antivirus and existing firewalls, Umbrella significantly enhances the existing defence systems. In all cases, the service is straight forward to configure and use. Read more

Steps to help prevent the WannaCry Ransomware attack

Ransomware ScreenshotRansomware is a malicious piece of software designed to cause severe disruption and loss of service in return for ransom money. Your business is then forced to pay the attackers (usually in Bitcoin) to regain access to their files. The recent attack against the NHS and businesses in 90 other countries has made Ransomware at the forefront of every IT manager’s mind.  The attack itself exploits a Microsoft Windows vulnerability that has been patched for some time – which emphasises the need for a comprehensive update regime.

Here are 12 steps that can help your business defend against WannaCry and similar Ransomware: Read more

The Best Firewall/Router for a Small Business

We work with a growing number of small-medium businesses (SMB) who have a need to protect their businesses from hackers, ransomware and other threats. The majority of SMBs will have a router/firewall, but the primary purpose is to secure the business network. Nowadays, with more complex threats, the functionality of firewalls and routers has evolved to now include services such as intrusion prevention (IPS), antiviruses, web filtering and anti-spam; often – all in one box. Read more

Domain Names may hide a serious threat

Why you need a secure internet gateway (SIG) solution to protect your business

Let’s say you’re shopping for a new TV online and you want to browse to to see what’s on offer. Although you likely visit regularly, if you were asked to recall the IP address of, chances are that you wouldn’t know it. The IP address would have no meaning to you.  

Domain names make browsing the internet easy for us to get to where we want to go, but because of the fundamental role they play on how we interact with all online services, the system and our trust in domain names can leave a business susceptible to attacks from malicious actors.  

Read more

The Global Data Discussion

The global data discussion, MTG and the TRAI

Last year, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) launched a wide ranging consultation into cloud computing (the consultation and the responses are available on the TRAI website). The TRAI consultation looked to discuss issues such as regulation, privacy, cross-border data flows and jurisdictional oversight.

Manx Technology Group (MTG) is an active contributor and follower of developments in cloud computing, particularly in relation to cross border data flows, data protection, data sovereignty and how these issues impact global value chains. Consultations such as those undertaken by the TRAI, whilst focused on India – are globally relevant.

MTG responded to the consultation. Our consultation response can be viewed here. Read more

Omnitec join Manx Technology Group

MTG strengthens its technical solutions division

Manx Technology Group (MTG), a leading technology solutions provider headquartered in the Isle of Man, has acquired Omnitec, an IT services provider and hardware reseller.

The acquisition enhances MTG’s already strong technical service capabilities and its deep industry experience in financial services, e-Gaming, manufacturing and healthcare. The addition of Omnitec to the Group allows MTG to meet the growing customer demand for end to end technology solutions. Read more

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