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Scottish Expansion for Manx Technology Group

Manx Technology Group (MTG) has been working with an increasing number of customers, universities and institutions; in areas such as IoT, software development and managed IT. As a result of these opportunities, MTG has a growing reputation as an authority in IoT and is now working on several fascinating IoT projects throughout the world. To support its global expansion, service its international clients and to participate in the fast-moving emerging technology sectors – MTG is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Moray, Scotland. Read more

Isle of Man ISP Licence

Manx Technology Group (MTG) is now licensed by the Isle of Man Communications Commission to provide internet services in the Isle of Man. The new licence enables MTG to enhance its managed IT and IoT solutions with a suite of voice and internet services. MTG’s expanded managed service portfolio now includes Internet and VoIP solutions while wireless and connectivity services enhance their growing range of IoT solutions. Read more

Sick Building Syndrome and IoT

Sick Building Syndrome describes a situation where the occupants of an office or building suffer from nonspecific health issues or feel under the weather when spending time in the building. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can monitor several parameters that may contribute to sick building syndrome, including pollutants, legionella, VOC (volatile organic compounds), temperature, moisture, CO2, light and noise levels. Read more

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