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The Times has published a Smart Cities 2022 report that explores how technology can improve urban areas, making them cleaner, more efficient and our societies happier and more equitable.  The report looks at policies and technology that can be used to create future cities.

Smart Cities cover - click to download report (PDF)
Smart Cities 2022 – click to download the report (PDF)

The report looks at several key topics:

  1. “Urbane” living: how to ensure that no citizen is left behind
  2. Are we at the dawn of the AI-Created city?
  3. Ethical Tech will spearhead a new era of urban mobility
  4. Bold and immediate reaction is desperately needed to address the climate energy
  5. Cool ideas: how technological innovations can reduce city temperatures
  6. IoT’s impact on cities – better air quality and greater well-being
    (featuring MTG and Libelium)

    1. Full article on Libelium AQS solutions
    2. More about Libelium One
  7. Could an overreaching Openreach stall the great British roll-out?
  8. Taking the heat out of climate change
  9. Mobility in Smart Cities
  10. Citizen first approach in downtown Doha
  11. Who controls the future?
  12. City transport systems look skywards
  13. Mobilising green finance to transform city development
  14. Alliance of science
  15. Largest EV charging network goes live
  16. Tackling future energy demands and security
  17. The metaverse: city planner’s dream or urban nightmare


You can download the full report here:

Smart Cities 2022 – The Times Ago (4.6MB PDF)

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