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Six reasons to use Yammer in your business

We look at a number of reasons why you should be using Yammer in your business. Yammer is an application included in Office 365. While many organisations may be using Office, Exchange E-mail and Sharepoint, we look at how  Yammer can be used in your organisation.

What is Yammer?

Yammer is often described as Facebook for business, a social network platform for business. It allows staff to share information, post updates and interact with one another. 85% of Fortune 500 companies use Yammer, we take a look at some reasons your organisations should consider using it.

Six Benefits

1 – Increase engagement

Yammer makes it easy to post updates, generate interest and increase engagement in your company. Staff members can post updates, polls, events and announcements; to which their colleagues can like, vote and comment. In any size business, improving dialogue and communication in any business can lead to greater employee engagement (which can contribute to a positive corporate culture).

2 – Reduce e-mail noise

“Happy birthday”, “Cakes in the kitchen” and associated e-mail banter. It can clog up your inbox, or it may be completely suppressed through IT and HR policies. Yammer offers a solution. Updates and announcements posted on Yammer reduce clutter. Staff members know to view Yammer for updates and announcements.

3 – Enhance culture and build connections

Improving engagement, giving employees freedom and promoting communications in the business all has a positive impact on corporate culture. Yammer also acts as a conduit for messaging and updates that define and reinforce your company culture. Developing culture is one reason many organisations adopt Yammer, and for good reason.

4 – Web and mobile apps

Yammer can be accessed through your web browser (many organisations set it as the home page), while it also has an easy-to-use mobile application. The mobile app keeps employees, groups and teams connected no matter where they are.

5 – Governance and security

As Yammer is part of the Microsoft 365 suite of products, it sits within the security and governance framework provided as part of O365. Organisations can be confident in the knowledge that security, auditing and privacy extends to Yammer – allowing them to remain compliant.

6 – Gifs, Emojis and Memes

Did mention that Yammer has built-in support for Gifs, and naturally, Yammer serves as a focal point for memes and emojis.  These features allow you to bring some fun to Yammer.

Yammer implementation and adoption

Microsoft has an excellent resource that outlines Use Cases, Communities, Innovation and Adoption strategies for organisations considering Yammer.

Download Yammer Infographic

The following infographic entitled What can you learn with Yammer? is an excellent primer that describes what you can do with Yammer.

Find out more

If your organisation already has Office 365 or is looking to deploy Office 365 and Yammer is of interest – speak to our solutions team to learn more. You can reach them by e-mailing sales@mtg.im, calling +44 1624 777837 or clicking ‘Request a Quote’ on our website.

Small Business IT Security : Sophos Intercept-X

Sophos Intercept-X is an advanced endpoint protection solution that uses artificial intelligence to detect both known and unknown threats. Sophos Intercept-X uses next-gen techniques, alongside more traditional methods to protect computer systems. The use these advanced signature-less technologies has meant Sophos is consistently ranked as one of the industry’s top-rated malware detection, exploit and endpoint protection solution.

Why is this particularly relevant to a small business? 43% of all data breaches impact SMBs (small-medium businesses), so they are not immune to cybersecurity threats. Subscribing to an advanced endpoint protection solution helps ensure data and systems are safeguarded against modern threats and malware.

Deep Learning Technology

Artificial intelligence built into the Sophos product is able to detect both known and unknown threats, based on behaviours and a variety of other parameters that would indicate malware. Signature-less protection ensures your systems can be protected against known and emerging/zero-day threats. The enhanced protection means that Sophos Intercept-X is able to detect and block malware that may slip past competing products.

Exploit Prevention

A common attack vector for a virus or malware infection is for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities in unpatched application software or out of date operating systems. Exploit prevention built into Sophos Intercept-X is able to recognise exploit tools and techniques, therefore providing an additional layer of defence. This angle of attack is why businesses are encouraged to move away from dated operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

Ransomware Protection

Cryptolocker and other ransomware can cause havoc for business owners, particularly small businesses. The behavioural analysis system built into Sophos called CryptoGuard silently observes process and application behaviour that are attempting to modify or hijack your data and documents for ill intent. Cryptoguard will stop this activity and revert your data back to its original form.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Sophos Root-Cause Analysis
Root cause analysis allows you to pinpoint the source of infection or malware.

EDR is a valuable feature of the Sophos security suite that enables you to investigate threats further, understand their origin and respond in a confident manner. While detecting and preventing a malware attack is one thing, understanding how it infected the organisation is another – this is where EDR helps.

Layered Defence

MTG recommend that you employ a layered defence model when considering IT security in your business. Our ITaaS customers benefit from several different security components; Fortinet Firewalls with UTM, Cisco Umbrella Secure-Internet Gateway, Sophos Endpoint Protection and Intercept-X, File Audit and User Lock – and regular security check-ups. It is also important to focus on user education and staff training; the human element is particularly vulnerable to phishing and other attacks that are difficult to prevent with just technical measures.

How much does it cost?

We provide Endpoint Security for a monthly subscription, as part of our ITaaS offering. You pay a fixed fee per month, per staff member, which includes Office 365, Sophos Endpoint, Cisco Umbrella and other software that enhances security and increases productivity. The subscription-based model provides predictable costs that scale with your business.

Small Business IT Security

MTG employs Sophos certified engineers and architects who can select and implement a full security fabric for your organisation.

If your business would like to learn more about Sophos Intercept-X, our managed IT solutions, or if you are interested in a review of your IT or security setup – please speak to our solutions team. You can speak to our team by calling +44 1624 777837, e-mail sales@mtg.im or select ‘Request a Quote’ from our website.

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10 x Benefits of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS)

We look at Ten Top benefits of our ITaaS (IT as a Service) solution. The way businesses purchase IT and software services has changed. With the onset of cloud applications and software as a service (SaaS), there is a move away from the traditional model of purchasing and IT maintenance, towards a subscription-based delivery model such as ITaaS.

A monthly subscription fee (opex) has become the new norm. Businesses want the latest technologies and features, built-in security, predictable costs and the highest levels of service – but delivered using a subscription model. Read more

Cybersecurity Training for Staff – Five Step Approach

By teaching your staff members about cybersecurity and phishing attacks, you will significantly enhance the security and cyber resilience of your business. A lack of employee training is one of the most common reasons that businesses are left vulnerable to cyber phishing attacks. Cyber security awareness training will show your employees how to safeguard themselves and your business data.

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Small Business IT Security Guide

We receive a lot of enquiries from small business (SMB) and SME customers looking at ways they can enhance the security of their IT and network environment. We thought we’d share a Small Business Security Blueprint which provides advice, examples and suggested products that can enhance the security of any small business. Read more

Five Benefits of Sharepoint for Small Business

Sharepoint and Office 365 are the perfect tools for Small Business. Your business will reach the point where it has outgrown your file server, the server is approaching end of life, or there is an increasing need to work remotely. Over time, staff members struggle to find documents in complex folder structures or searching for old e-mails containing attachments.

In this article – I highlight five benefits of Sharepoint for Small Businesses.

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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – Introduction

What is Data Loss Prevention? DLP (Data Loss Prevention) is a group of technologies whose purpose is to ensure data is not lost, misused, disclosed or accessed by unauthorised users. DLP solutions generally classify data, protect confidential information, implement controls, identify data in transit and help prevent users (or customers) from accidentally or maliciously sharing data. Data loss should not always be associated with hackers; data loss can be instigated by staff accidentally and without knowledge.

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