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Technology Solutions

Designed to make your business more efficient, productive and secure.

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Learn  more about our range of managed IT and IoT solutions for business. Smart Water, Environment, Cities and Agriculture. People Counting and Smart Phone Detection – with IoT solutions for systems integrators and end-users. ITaaS, Cloud and Managed Security.

Managed IT Solutions

Small Business IT Support

Managed IT Solutions

IT support, Managed IT solutions, infrastructure management, device-as-a-service, 24×7 help-desk, reporting and IT security solutions.

Managed IT Security - SECaaS

Managed IT Security

Managed IT security services that will safeguard your organisation, prevent data loss and protect you against emerging threats.

Internet of Things (IoT)

End-to-End IoT solutions for agriculture, public sector, hospitality, manufacturing and transportation. Design, supply and implementation services.

Technical Services


Libelium IoT Products

MTG is a UK Distributor of Libelium IoT Products including Meshlium, Plug&Sense and Waspmote. Design, supply, implementation, installation and support.

Managed Firewalls

Managed Firewalls

Managed Firewall solutions for small business and enterprise customers. Advanced protection and next-generation firewall capabilities, including a firewall management service.

Office 365 Apps

Office 365

Office 365 experts – design, licensing, implementation and support. E-mail and Data migration to Microsoft Office 365; in addition to the optimal setup of InTune, Azure AD, Yammer, Teams and Flow.

Field Services & Break Fix

Isle of Man IT Support

Isle of Man IT support, computer maintenance, field services, remote-hands and logistical management. Solution for small business, enterprise, hardware vendors and systems implementors.

Business IT Support

Inverness, Elgin and Forres IT Support

Managed IT solutions for business and enterprise customers in Inverness, Elgin, Forres and Moray. Managed IT, hardware support, network support, cybersecurity and 24x7x365 helpdesk services.


How IoT technology can help the retail trade in a Post Covid-19 era

As retail businesses begin to reopen following lockdown and government restrictions, many companies are looking at technology and IoT solutions …

Elevated Skin Temperature (Fever Detection) System – Update

This blog post discusses the latest developments with our ‘early release’ elevated skin temperature (EST) system. The original article outlined …

Elevated Skin Temperature (EST) – Fever Detection – Prototype

Many countries are implementing temperature screening to identify people with an elevated body temperature that may indicate fever or a …

Link your business phone system to Microsoft Teams

Extend your business phone system into Microsoft Teams with Manx Technology Group. A converged system allows you to extend the …

people counting display

Automate one-in-one-out with sensors and people analytics (Covid-19)

Retailers and supermarkets have introduced new “one-in-one-out” rules designed to enforce social distancing and limit the spread of coronavirus. IoT …

Coronavirus COVID-19 Policy

With the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak now developing in the UK, Manx Technology Group is closely following information and advice from …

Working remotely with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are increasingly being approached by customers who want to understand what options are available for remote working, given the …

Six reasons to use Yammer in your business

We look at a number of reasons why you should be using Yammer in your business. Yammer is an application …

News & Events

MTG join the SAIC consortium – driving innovation in aquaculture

Manx Technology Group has joined the SAIC Consortium, an initiative operated by the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC). SAIC is …

CENSIS FutureTech: IoT for Health (Scotland)

MTG CEO Joe Hughes will be attending the CENSIS FutureTech : IoT for Health workshop in Inverness on 2nd October …

CENSIS 6th Technology Summit

Manx Technology Group will be exhibiting and is a sponsor of the CENSIS 6th Technology Summit. The summit is held …


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