Libelium One

Libelium One is a powerful IoT node that supports a versatile range of sensors for applications in water management, agriculture, smart cities and Industry 4.0. Key attributes of the Libelium One platform include interoperability, ease of use, and reliability.

When new sensors are attached to the Libelium One, it automatically detects the probes and performs the necessary configuration – with data seamlessly transmitted to you cloud application. Communication is achieved using 4G, with fallback to 2G/3G and GNSS.

MTG is a Libelium UK Distributor so can offer pre-sales advice and also design, supply, implement and support IoT solutions.

Libelium One - IoT Node

Libelium One – Simplicity in four steps



Once you login to the cloud platform, you can identify the Libelium One node, the connected sensors (up to 4), including their model and serial numbers. Battery status and battery history are also available on this screen. Useful for monitoring power on solar-powered devices.


Hardware management

You can view all the information related to the Libelium One and its hardware status. You can also choose to activate/deactivate sensors from the cloud platform, this is useful if you only need to measure certain parameters for shorter periods, thus can conserve power when they are not required.


Node configuration

In this section, you can modify the reporting parameters (“Loop time” and “Number of Loops”). To conserve power, the unit allows measurements every five minutes, and the unit can be configured to report back every 5 minutes, or once an hour (conserving power).


Flexible cloud platform

The data from Libelium One devices is transmitted to the Libelium One Cloud platform. From here, you can visualise and analyse the data from each node and its sensors. The platform also allows trend analytics and historic data reports.


Key Features

  • Ultra lower power consumption
  • Ease of installation, without requiring installation professionals
  • Low code platform with ease of configuration
  • Battery / Solar / Mains Power
  • Compliant with the latest radio and cloud technologies
  • Fully certified (CE, FCC, IC, ANATEL, RCM)
  • Over-the-air updates

Libelium One Applications

  • Air Pollution Monitoring
  • Water Pollution Monitoring
  • Dynamic Car Parking
  • Livestock, agricultural and crop systems
  • Weather stations
  • Water level monitoring

Libelium UK/Ireland Distributor

MTG is a Libelium UK Distributor so we can offer pre-sales advice and also design, supply, implement and support IoT solutions. We can supply Libelium One, Meshlium, Waspmote and Plug-and-Sense products from Libelium. Our technical and dev teams can also offer advice on networking, RF comms, IT Support, software development and cloud platforms.


Mechanical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 135x135x60mm
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • IK Grade: –
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 60ºC
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Accessories: Solar panel, installation kit, power cables

General specifications:

  • Sensor sockets: 4
  • Power sockets: 1
  • Remote configuration: via Libelium Cloud
  • OTAP: Yes
  • Visual indications: status and charge monitoring LEDs
  • Sensors: Wide range



  • Mobile: 3G/4G, GSM/GPRS/Edge
  • Geo-Location: GNSS
  • Antenna: Internal
  • SIM: 4FF Global SIM, provided by Libelium


  • Power: 5-24VDC 800mA
  • Internal Battery: 3.6V – 10.2Ah Li-Ion, rechargeable
  • Consumption: Ultra low power (10uA in sleep mode)
  • Solar: 6.6V-5.5W

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