10 x Benefits of Smart Parking Technology (IoT)

We look at 10 x benefits of Smart Parking technology and how it can be used to improve the retail experience, reduce environmental impact and create new business models.

Smart Parking Benefits
4 x Benefits of Smart Parking in Numbers.
  1. Environment. One goal of Smart Parking is to reduce the time taken and the hassle factor of locating an available parking space. Being able to accurately direct a driver to an available space has many environmental benefits; it reduces CO2 emissions, noise and other pollutants. Smart Parking can be combined with Smart Environment, measuring air quality and parking space availability.
  2. Convenience. It can be frustrating, especially at peak times, driving around town looking for available spaces. The inability for someone to locate a parking space may result in lost custom or influence them to shop at alternative locations. The ability for a shopper or visitor to quickly identify a space reduces the friction and improves the overall experience. The convenience factor is of particular importance for spaces reserved for disabled drivers, public service or emergency vehicles.
  3. Real-Time Data and Insights. For a local council, car park operator or business – Smart Parking provides you with rich data-sets that can be used to identify trends, peak-times and other metrics that can be used in forecasting and reporting. With bespoke software, the data and sensors can be integrated into city management systems or MI reports.
  4. Reduced Traffic. When a driver knows exactly where they need to go; it reduces idling and unnecessary driving – therefore optimises traffic flows in built-up areas.
  5. New Business Models. Smart Parking creates the possibility of new business models that are only made possible using technology. Reward programs, app-based payments and dynamic parking tariffs are just some examples.
  6. Reduced costs and overhead. Traditional on-street parking may have required investments in parking meters or parking inspectors. Smart Parking technology can reduce these overheads by automated processes and providing targeted enforcement activity.
  7. Enforcement Effectiveness. Target enforcement means your staff can be directed towards people who have overstayed to take the necessary action.
  8. Safety. Decreased searching for spaces can reduce accidents by ensuring drivers maintain their attention rather than browsing for spaces or making rash manoeuvres.
  9. Integrated Payments. Smart Parking systems can include real-time and electronic payment methods via an app or a browser. This makes the parking experience far easier and provides more structured data to income streams (i.e. Categorising revenue by parking facility, area, road, etc).
  10. Smart City. Smart Parking will soon become a necessity for any city or town wishing to embrace Smart City technologies or standards such as ISO 37122. The UK Government and others are already working towards Smart Parking standards.

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