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The Best Firewall/Router for a Small Business

We work with a growing number of small-medium businesses (SMB) who have a need to protect their businesses from hackers, ransomware and other threats. The majority of SMBs will have a router/firewall, but the primary purpose is to secure the business network. Nowadays, with more complex threats, the functionality of firewalls and routers has evolved to now include services such as intrusion prevention (IPS), antiviruses, web filtering and anti-spam; often – all in one box. Read more

Domain Names may hide a serious threat

Why you need a secure internet gateway (SIG) solution to protect your business

Let’s say you’re shopping for a new TV online and you want to browse to to see what’s on offer. Although you likely visit regularly, if you were asked to recall the IP address of, chances are that you wouldn’t know it. The IP address would have no meaning to you.  

Domain names make browsing the internet easy for us to get to where we want to go, but because of the fundamental role they play on how we interact with all online services, the system and our trust in domain names can leave a business susceptible to attacks from malicious actors.  

Read more

The Global Data Discussion

The global data discussion, MTG and the TRAI

Last year, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) launched a wide ranging consultation into cloud computing (the consultation and the responses are available on the TRAI website). The TRAI consultation looked to discuss issues such as regulation, privacy, cross-border data flows and jurisdictional oversight.

Manx Technology Group (MTG) is an active contributor and follower of developments in cloud computing, particularly in relation to cross border data flows, data protection, data sovereignty and how these issues impact global value chains. Consultations such as those undertaken by the TRAI, whilst focused on India – are globally relevant.

MTG responded to the consultation. Our consultation response can be viewed here. Read more

Omnitec join Manx Technology Group

MTG strengthens its technical solutions division

Manx Technology Group (MTG), a leading technology solutions provider headquartered in the Isle of Man, has acquired Omnitec, an IT services provider and hardware reseller.

The acquisition enhances MTG’s already strong technical service capabilities and its deep industry experience in financial services, e-Gaming, manufacturing and healthcare. The addition of Omnitec to the Group allows MTG to meet the growing customer demand for end to end technology solutions. Read more

Free Trial of Cisco Umbrella

MTG launch ‘Umbrella, a Cloud-based secure internet gateway

Manx Technology Group (MTG) has launched “Umbrella”, a Cloud-based secure internet gateway that provides visibility and protection against internet threats. The secure internet gateway (SIG), powered by Cisco, secures internet access from the corporate network and for staff working remotely. The service is ideal for businesses of every size, capable of scaling from 1 to 10,000 users – and with the basic service, there is no need for expensive new hardware or software to be installed.

Read more

ServiceTech join Manx Technology Group

Manx Technology Group expands with further addition to Group

ServiceTech, a provider of IT, network and security solutions has joined the Manx Technology Group (MTG). Headquartered in the Isle of Man, MTG provides a comprehensive range of services and solutions in technology, consulting, software, security, data and business operations. Formed in 1997, ServiceTech has a strong track record in the provision of IT and technical solutions to organisations throughout the UK and Europe.

Chairman, John Webster said

ServiceTech joining MTG completes our strategy of providing customers and partners with a complete portfolio of the latest IT and software products and services. This has been particularly welcomed by clients in manufacturing, biotech, egaming and financial services who are all facing the challenges posed by cyber-threats and competition from those using technology to improve their operations

Joe Hughes, CEO of Manx Technology Group commented:

MTG is an internationally focused business with an ambitious strategy of growth through the delivery of innovative technical solutions, coupled with the highest levels of service and support. Our focus on innovation ensures that we are able to deliver real value and a sustainable, competitive edge to our clients.
Concepts such as software integration, cloud adoption, automation, data and cyber-security are in demand, ServiceTech will enhance the Group’s capabilities and service provision in these areas.
MTG’s clients are continually looking to enhance their business models and operations through the use of technology and data. This has become a universal trend across all organisations, with concepts such as Industry 4.0, cyber-security, automation, machine learning and IoT gaining traction in every sector.

One of the biggest sources of innovation in technology is from adjacent industries; a principle that underpins MTG’s Fusion concept. The Fusion concept draws on MTG’s extensive expertise in financial services, e-gaming, security, manufacturing and biotech to provide a unique technical and operational perspective. Fusion intends to accelerate the uptake of new technologies, concepts and ideas across industry.

Joe added:

In all cases, the type of client engagement that our teams are working on demands a diverse skill-set with considerable cross-sector experience. The addition of ServiceTech into the Group strengthens our Fusion proposition and allows us to provide a diverse range of solutions, from inception through to delivery.

The companies already share many customers and business partners, and MTG’s strategy is to enhance and expand these essential relationships over the coming months.

Darren Bell, Director of ServiceTech commented:

We are thrilled to be joining the Manx Technology Group (MTG). The synergy of Group members opens up many exciting opportunities. ServiceTech has consistently delivered customer-focused technical solutions for nearly 20 years and the reputation we have developed throughout this time is testament to our committed and talented team – whose expertise will contribute towards the success of the Group.

Power Routing with ShoreTel

ST_PowerRoutingPower Routing is a powerful, simple to use feature of the ShoreTel IP Phone system that allows your users to customise their incoming call routing in a flexible manner. Users can opt to have certain callers divert to their mobile, change the routing by time of day or the routing can respond to their calendar status in Microsoft Outlook (i.e. during a meeting).

The first step to configure power routing is to identify the number (or type of number) to perform an action against:

  • A specific number (e.g. +44 1624 639420)
  • Any internal number (from other staff members, or offices)
  • Any external number (outside callers)
  • A private (withheld) number

You can then choose to take an action based on:

  • Your availability (within your Outlook Calendar or manually set)
  • The time of day or day of week
  • If you are on the phone

Finally, you can take an action:

  • Take a voicemail.
  • Selectively call your mobile, or multiple numbers.
  • Undertake a find-me operation.
  • Call someone else.

What are the possibilities?

There are a number practical applications of Power Routing:

  • A “universal number” solution where contacts only need to know your office number, you don’t need to hand over your mobile number.
  • You can opt for calls from key clients or suppliers to always divert to your mobile, irrespective of your status.
  • Family members or key contacts can always reach you.
  • Third parties or suppliers who are not a priority can always be diverted to voicemail.
  • Your calendar status in Outlook/Exchange always determines the call routing that takes place.

Power Routing is a popular feature with our ShoreTel customers. The self-service and intuitive interface offers a real benefit to our customers and their teams.

Office 365 solutions

Reach up for the clouds

A survey of over 2,000 security professionals has found only 42% of organisations have policies in place that restrict or monitor the use of unsanctioned cloud applications. This figure is despite the fact that 53% of respondents said unauthorised apps are their biggest cloud security threat. The survey, undertaken by BitGlass Inc looked at the evolution of cloud security. Read more

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