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Case Study: LJMU – Air Quality and Weather Monitoring with IoT

Manx Technology Group supplies Air Quality Monitoring and IoT technology to Liverpool John Moores University for use as part of the LCR Sustainable Green Travel Corridors Project (also called LCR SUD). LCR SUD is a £16.7m project until 2021 and part of a Liverpool City Region-wide initiative to encourage more cycling and walking.

Libelium Plug & Sense
Libelium Plug & Sense Smart Cities with Gas, Particulate and Noise sensors.

Case Study

  • Liverpool John Moores University uses Libelium technology to monitor real-time air quality and weather throughout the Liverpool City Region as part of an ERDF- funded research project.
  • LJMU and the Liverpool Logistics Offshore and Marine Research Institute (LOOM), embarked on an EU project where the goal was to monitor air quality, weather, and traffic volumes in different regions of the Liverpool City Region.
  • As part of the LCR SUD project, LJMU would be measuring particulates, NO2, O3 and other gases that are used to formulate AQI (air quality index) readings.
  • The data would be used by the research team alongside other data sources such as weather, pedestrian, cycle, and traffic counts.


  • Libelium Plug & Sense Smart Cities – 4G
  • Particulate sensors (PM1, PM2.5, PM10).
  • Temperature, humidity, pressure sensors.
  • Luminosity sensors.
  • NO2 and O3 gas sensors.
  • Weather stations (anemometer, wind vane, pluviometer)
  • GPS.


To view the full case study, you can download the PDF file here.

More information about Air Quality Monitoring with IoT

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