Isle of Man – Popular car brands over the years

At Manx Technology Group, we regularly work with data sets in areas such as financial services, retail, security and IoT (internet of things). Where required, we collate a variety of public datasets to support our work. Our latest side project (for fun/interest) involved analysing the vehicle registration data of the Isle of Man, using data from Isle of Man Government (available under the Open Government Licence).

In the past, we have analysed the Isle of Man Government Hansard (record of parliamentary recordings) using tools such as AI, keyword extraction, tonal and sentiment analysis.

For this particular project, the findings of our analysis will be published on social media as infographics, charts and images.

Visualising vehicle brands over the years

We used the popular Flourish software to visualise the most popular vehicle brands on the Isle of Man, from 1950 through to 2020. You can see the popularity of brands rise and fall throughout the years. We only analysed ‘cars’ (excluding EVs). We may follow-up with motorbikes and other categories of vehicles.

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