Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX – VMWare vSAN for SMEs


Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX is a ready-to-run integrated system that combines all-flash storage with VMWare and Fujitsu PRIMERGY rack servers. The vSAN ReadyNode solution is a high-performance, cost-effective and scalable path to a hyper-converged infrastructure solution – ideally for small to medium enterprises.

What is Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX?

Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX is a ready-to-run integrated system that utilises server and storage systems from Fujitsu to provide a vSAN solution that is deeply integrated with the VMWare management stack. PRIMEFLEX is suitable for organisations of every size, targeting a range of workloads, including general-purposes virtualisation, VDI and big-data. An ideal solution for small-to-medium enterprises, PRIMEFLEX is also certified for mission-critical workloads.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions

HCI Architecture of PRIMEFLEX
Enterprise-class storage services with all-flash performance, including deduplication, compression and erasure coding​

PRIMEFLEX tightly integrates the Enterprise-class storage and compute servers with the VMWare management stack. The integration between PRIMEFLEX and VMWare greatly simplifies the deployment, management and monitoring of the vSAN solution – removing the complexity and operational overhead associated with traditional SAN solutions.

Simplify and consolidate IT workloads

If you already use VMWare, you will most probably have a solution comprising the following:

  • Multiple Host Servers (i.e. Dell PowerEdge, HPe Pro-Liant, Fujitsu Primergy)
  • VMWare VSphere
  • SAN shared storage (i.e. iSCSI, NFS, FibreChannel)

PRIMFLEX and vSAN combine your compute, storage, network and management layers into a single platform – simplifying and consolidating workloads without compromising price, performance or scalability.

Example workloads for Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX and HCI include:

  • Traditional server workloads (i.e. Active Directory, Application Servers)
  • Database platforms (SQL, Oracle, SAP HANA)
  • VDI (Windows 10)

Reduce complexity with simplified deployment

vSAN Dashboard

If you are new to HCI, you may be concerned about system complexity, migrating from your existing platform, or the ongoing management and support of a vSAN solution. Fujitsu Infrastructure Manager for PRIMEFLEX specifically addresses these issues with features that automate deployment and advanced hardware monitoring.

Manx Technology Group can work with you to migrate server workloads, data and ensure a seamless transition between virtualisation platforms.

Enhanced support

The partnership between Fujitsu and VMWare is designed to deliver end-to-end support, with the following features:

  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for supportfor the entire Fujitsu Integrated System.
  • Technical Solution Support (TSS)providing fast access to experts who analyse and identify issues and coordinate failure elimination.
  • Hardware and Software Supportfor all released products certified for the respective Fujitsu Integrated System.
  • Optional Proactive Serviceslike technical account management, system health check and patch information management.

Is Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX right for your business?

PRIMEFLEX ComponentsManx Technology Group can work with you to understand your existing IT and server environment:

  • The number of deployed virtual machines.
  • Number of in-house IT personnel (or outsourced IT agreements)
  • The number of employees.
  • The number of physical servers.
  • Your storage requirements (TB and IOPs)

Based on this information – we can understand if PRIMEFLEX is a good fit for your business and work with you to select the most appropriate solution.

Fujitsu PRIMERGY Server
The Fujitsu PRIMERGY server is a VMWare certified vSAN ReadyNode solution with high performance compute, storage and all-flash capabilities.

Read the Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX review at IT Pro.

IT Pro has a recent review of Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX, available on their website:

Organisations worried about the cost and complexity of deploying a VMware HCI solution can rest easy with Fujitsu by their side. We were very impressed with its Primeflex for VMware VSAN Appliance as all the hard work was done for us, making installation totally stress-free.

Fujitsu Primeflex for VMware vSAN Appliance review: A piece of cake | IT PRO

Request Pricing and find out more

If you are considering an IT infrastructure upgrade or would like to learn more about Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX and VMWare vSAN – please contact Manx Technology Group. The MTG technical teams can design the technical architecture and provide pricing for a Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for vSAN solution. MTG is also able to deploy Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX solutions throughout the UK and Ireland.

Fujitsu has a HCI readiness tool that allows you to complete a self-assessment and build a personalised HCI roadmap. You can complete the assessment here.

More information

If you would like to learn more about our products and services, request pricing, or discuss a project requirement - you can MTG using the details below. Alternatively, you can e-mail for more information.

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