IoT project completed by students at University College Isle of Man (UCM)

Computer Science Degree (BSc) students have completed the first IoT project at the University College Isle of Man (UCM). As part of the Experiential Learning module, the project seen students work with real clients to deliver a project within 6-weeks.

Through the IoT partnership with UCM, Manx Technology Group (MTG) provided the students with Libelium Smart EnvironmentLibelium Parking sensors. Students access the sensor data through MTG’s IoT cloud environment; as a result of using the cloud environment, the students have a platform to analyse the data in real-time.

Picture of UCM project participants
UCM students pictured with Matt Parslow, MTG’s IoT Architect
Libelium Smart Environment installed at UCM
Libelium Smart Environment installed at UCM.

Air Quality Monitoring

Libelium Smart Environment Pro Plug & Sense unit has been installed on the UCM campus. This device captures various air quality variables and also particulates. Air quality samples are collected, and the data is sent via the national LoRaWAN network to the IoT cloud. Completely off the grid, these devices rely on power collected by the solar panel.


Libelium Smart Parking IoT device installed at UCM
Libelium Smart Parking devices installed at UCM

Parking Bay Monitoring

Each disabled parking bay at UCM has had a Libelium Smart Parking device installed. Each time the parking bay occupancy changes, the device reports back the change. The Smart Parking devices use the national LoRaWAN network to communicate data back to the IoT cloud.


The Project

Working with UCM, the team researched, designed and developed a web-based IoT dashboard prototype over the 6-week duration. The prototype was developed using Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework, C# and Razer. User interface design principles had also been incorporated into the design, ensuring the data can be visualised and easily understood. Above all, the design provided a good user experience.

Prototype features

  • Near real-time air quality data analytics
  • Custom data reporting
  • Live map of available parking spaces
  • Historical data analytics
  • Data visualised in graphs

The team of students presented the project at the end of the 6-week timeline. The presentation included a complete walkthrough of the working prototype; also the development choices and the design principles implemented. Finally, the student’s explained the analysis and market research completed to expand their knowledge of IoT.

The outcome

An impressive final prototype was developed that also captured the core fundamentals of good IoT dashboard design. The design effectively broke down data into easily digestible data points, allowing for quick analysis. The prototype checked off all the requirements set out by UCM, resulting in a successful project.

What next?

IoT is still an emerging technology, with the adoption rapidly increasing. The students have an opportunity to delve into the IoT world thanks to the IoT partnership between MTG and UCM. The experience of implementing real-world IoT applications has proven valuable. This project has seen praise from not only students and lecturers from UCM but also IoT professionals. Manx Technology Group looks forward to working on future collaborations and projects with UCM.

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Matthew Parslow is an IoT Architect at Manx Technology Group. Matthew is responsible for building IoT solutions and has a background in software and website development.
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